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Sloopy: Yearly Update

Sloopy: Yearly Update

Each year, during the summer break, there are 3 quick steps Sloopy Installers need to do to help prevent the import of old schedules when the new school year starts:

1. Stop the automated task that runs the Sloopy imports.

2. Delete any files from the Sloopy data folder.

3. Update your Sloopy setup to pull data for the new school year.

Update directions are listed below by SIS type. If you do not see your SIS listed, you are most likely using our Tab Delimited version of Sloopy. Please contact School Loop support should you have any questions. Log into your account and click the red Help Link in the upper right corner to access our support ticket system.

Note: It is critical that you update Sloopy to make sure we receive data for the new school year. Failure to update could result in an import with last year's data.


Updates By SIS

All Student Information Systems

The primary concern in updating Sloopy for a new school year is to ensure that the database for the current school year is the source of the data imports. If you are uncertain about how to update Sloopy for your SIS, please contact School Loop for support.


Change the value for /SchoolYear: in the Sloopy.bat file. This parameter is part of the lines that trigger the VB script. There will be one line for each school, so be sure to change the value for all schools.

If you choose to remain on the old Aeries setup for Sloopy(prior to 2010), see the directions at the bottom of this page.

Infinite Campus

Be sure to set the Active School Year in Infinite Campus to the new year at least two days before we roll the schools in your district. Data is extracted from Infinite Campus based on the Active School Year. Failure to update the school year in Infinite Campus could cause last year's data to be imported into School Loop.

Instructions from Infinite Campus: Log in to Infinite Campus and go to System Administration. In the Calendars folder click School Year. Select the new year you want to make active, check the Active box, then click Save. Contact Infinite Campus for more details on changing the active year.


Edit the Sloopy.bat file located in the Sloopy\PowerSchool folder. Change the values for "starting TermID=", "ending TermID=" and "YearID="to the correct values for the current year. For example, if last year's values were 2500, 2502, and 25 then the correct values for the 2017-2018 school year would be: Starting TermID=2700 and ending TermID=2702 and set YearID=27 (Typically 2502 is the ending term for semesters and 2503 is the ending term for trimesters.) 


Edit the Sloopy.bat file located in the Sloopy\SchoolMax folder. Change the year in the following line: set curSchoolYear=2017.


Change data.school_year value in the config file for each school.

All Other SISs

Modify the script you created as necessary to ensure that you will export data from the database for the current school year.

Legacy Scripts

If you have not yet updated to the newest Sloopy scripts, please contact School Loop at least two weeks before the start of the new school year. The new scripts are easier to implement, modify, and maintain. Additionally, they support data exports for attendance and our Call Alert feature.

Aeries SQL - old Scripts prior to April 2010

In the aeries_config.txt file for each school, change the value in database.url= to the new school year's database name.

Aeries Access - old Scripts prior to April 2010

If running as a Windows scheduled task, the properties line needs to read

".../SchoolYear:XX ..."

(change XX to the current school year and drop the ..., of course). If running "live," the script asks for a school year. Be sure to use the correct value.

PowerSchool Reporting Engines

In the SchoolloopStudentSectionsExportSQL.rpt, change the termid values for the current year. For example: the 2017-2018 school year the line should be: WHERE (cc.termid = 2700 OR cc.termid = 2701).

In the SchoolloopSectionsExportSQL.rpt, change the termid values for the current year. For example, the 2017-2018 school year the line should be: WHERE (sec.termid = 2700 OR sec.termid = 2701)