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Verify Imports

After the first import just before the start of each new school year, it is essential that someone with administrative rights spot check the data to verify that it is accurate and complete. It only takes a few minutes of effort to ensure a successful new year with School Loop.

Spot Check Data

Log into your admin account, hover over the "Teacher" menu and select "Teachers".


Click the name of any teacher from the list of registered teachers and then click the Schedule button near the top right of the Account Management page to bring up the Manage Sections page for that teacher.

If you don't see any teachers in the Teacher or Register Teacher list then terms may not have been set yet for the new school year. Click here for instructions on setting terms.


Note: If this is your first year with School Loop, use the "Register Teachers" option under the "Teachers" menu and then click the name of any teacher to access their Manage Sections page.

Compare the schedule on Manage Sections with your SIS.

If the schedule matches, click the View Roster link for one of the teacher's courses to view a list of enrolled students. Compare this list of students with your SIS.

Follow this process for at least one other teacher.

If you find errors, please contact School Loop for support.