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Tips & Tricks: Uploading Videos Over 500MB

With the current limit of 500 MB for file uploads, user created videos may be larger than the designated limit. TeacherTube provides a workaround as it allows the uploading of videos up to 2000 MB. After uploading, you can include the video on a School Loop page by:

  • creating a link in a Rich Text Editor.
  • embedding in a Rich Text Editor using the Embed Video button and the URL for the video.
  • embedding on a webpage by pasting the embed code in a Custom HTML element (only available to webmasters).

Uploading A File

You must have a TeacherTube account to upload files.

1. Go to the Teacher Tube site and log into your account or create a new account. 

2. Once logged into your account, use the Upload link to start the process.

Signup or Login.png

3. Use the Select File(s) link to choose the file to upload.

Upload Video page.png

4. After selecting your file, the upload process will start automatically. The time to complete the upload is dependent on the size of the file and your internet connection speed. After the file has uploaded, you can edit the video title, description and tags. Other options can also be selected.

Video Tags.png

5. The video is available for access within 24 hours after uploading. Once the video is available, an URL for the video and an embed code will display on the page.

Linking Options.png



School Loop does not endorse or sponsor Teacher Tube or any other streaming video site and we provide no guarantees about the quality or functionality of this service. We are merely relaying suggestions made by other users who found this site to be helpful.