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Summer Transitions

As your school transitions from the end of the current school year to the summer break and into the next school year, School Loop also transitions with you. Please note the terms and conditions of School Loop during these transitions.

End of School Year

If you handle Sloopy data imports from your student information system, than see our Sloopy: Yearly Update page. Otherwise, there are no actions required to close out the year unless you are a teacher. Gradebooks are retained for just the previous year, but published progress reports are archived going back several years. We encourage teachers who use the School Loop Gradebook to print a hard copy and/or download a copy of the gradebook as soon as grades are finalized for the current school year.


Download Gradebook

1. In the gradebook, under Tools, select Download Gradebook.

2. On the Download Gradebook screen, click the name of the gradebook to save.


3. Save the gradebook to your computer's hard drive, a flash drive, or a network drive.

4. Repeat the steps for each created gradebook.


Print a hard copy of Gradebook

1. From the Gradebooks menu on your portal, select a gradebook..

2. On the gradebook spreadsheet, under Tools, select Reports.

3. Under Complete Gradebook, print each period either by Name or by ID.

4. Repeat the steps for each created gradebook.‚Äč

Summer Availability

All School Loop sites will remain open for account holders throughout most of the summer. All of our features are fully functional during the summer unless noted below.

  • School Loop will periodically be down for maintenance or development updates. These interruptions will typically be brief, but we will try to let you know through School News if the system will be offline for an extended period of time.

  • School Loop Support will be limited in the summer.

  • Students and parents of students who were not enrolled as of the last day of school will not be able to register during the summer.

  • Teachers added to the SIS database after the last day of school cannot be registered during the summer.

  • Teachers can continue working on grades for the current school year beyond the last day of school. However, assignments must have an assigned and due date that fall within the school year.

New School Year Transition

School Loop will transition your site to the next school year approximately 10 days before the first day of school unless the district specifies a different roll date.

Once we transition a school, teachers, students, and parents will not have access until the first day of school, unless an administrator grants early access in the Access and Registration Management section of School Settings. Also at that time, our system will archive content such as  LoopMail messages and assignments. For more information about archived content, see our help page on Year-to-Year Archiving.

To restart School Loop for the new year, there are a number of task to be completed for Plus sites. School Loop will contact the appropriate people within the district to begin the process of transitioning your sites over to the new school year.


Q: What happens to our accounts in the summer?

A: All user accounts are available for use in the summer months. Only parents and students can be locked out between the times we roll your schools and the first day of the new school year (admins can override this setting).

Q: What about daily emails?

A: Daily emails will automatically stop on the last day of school and will resume for active accounts in the Fall.

Q: Does School Loop support summer school classes?

A: Some districts continue service for summer school. For all other districts, users are welcome to make use of features such as LoopMail and groups to help with their summer classes. It's not the full service, but possibly helpful just the same.

Q: Will School Loop be offline a lot in the summer?

A: Almost certainly more often than during the school year, but typically not for long periods of time. We reserve the right to take the system down for software releases and maintenance at any time during the summer months, but we will post system news if we plan to be offline for an extended period of time.

Q: What happens to all of our data after the end of the school year?

A: Websites are perpetual, so there's no concern about data being archived or lost. Only Website Notes are cleared are cleared before the beginning of the new school year. Teacher data such as progress reports and assignments are archived, but typically not until about 10 days before the start of the school year. See our help page about Year-to-Year Archiving for more details.

Q: What about teacher websites? Are those archived too?

A: All user sites, including teacher course sites, are perpetual. Course website news and events are purged at the beginning of the school year.

Q: What are the steps required to restart the next school year with School Loop?

A: For Standard Sites, there are no steps - your sites may be used year round. For Plus sites, no real action is required until your schools are ready to send data imports with the new schedules. For most districts, this happens about 10 days before the start of the new school year. Don't worry about missing any deadlines; School Loop will contact you over the summer. The process for restarting the school year is quite simple and largely involves restarting the Sloopy imports to send us schedules for the new school year, reviewing school wide settings, and registering new users.

Q: What happens to student and parent accounts when the student transfers or graduates from one school into another in the same district?

A: Because each school site is maintained as a separate database, students and parents will have to register new accounts at the new school.

Q: What happens to teacher accounts when the teacher transfers from one school into another in the same district?

A: Because each school site is maintained as a separate database, teachers will have to register new accounts at the new school once their data is imported into the new school site. Personal website and course site content will have to be recreated in the new account.