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About Student Tracker

Track a group of students -- team members, interventions, etc. Filter the list by performance criteria. Click on a student's name in your list to see his or her Student Record -- grades, homework and more. Send LoopMail to the parents, teachers, students or staff.  Great for administrators, coaches, counselors, intervention teams and others interested in student success.

Who Has Access

Student Trackers are available for principals, assistant principals, teachers, and staff - all of the School Loop roles designed for certificated staff. Only the administrative roles, however, can create and mange the High Priority Trackers whose members are listed for teachers in the High Priority section of their Dashboard.

Getting There

Just log in and look at your Dashboard. The Student Tracker section lists all the Trackers you have selected to appear on your Dashboard. Click the View All button to see the list of all Trackers and to select which to place on your Dashboard. You may also us the X that appears to the right when hovering over the tracker name on your Dashboard to remove Trackers.

Administrators have the ability to create High Priority Trackers. The names of students in these trackers will appear in the High Priority section of the Dashboard of their teachers- as pictured to the right.


Types of Trackers

Trackers come in 2 basic forms - System and user created. Of the user created Trackers, there are 2 types available to teachers and staff members, plus one additional type for administrators.

System Trackers

Less than 70% in 2 or more classes - Each night, the membership of this group is updated based on the grades published by teachers. The names of students in this Tracker will appear in the High Priority section of the Dashboards of their teachers.

Grade Level - One Tracker exists for each grade level in the school. These Trackers are useful for identifying students based on criteria such as trending and class averages.

Course Tracker - Teachers have one Tracker for each course they teach. The students in these Trackers are updated automatically with the imports we receive from the school's student information system. Course Trackers are based only on the data coming from your gradebook. So, the average and zeros columns indicate the student's average and number of zeros in your class.

User Created Trackers

Personal Tracker - Only the creator can see this Tracker and the creator is added to the Learning Management Team of each student in the Tracker.

School-wide - These Trackers are available for all users with access to the Student Tracker system.

High Priority - Only administrators may create these Trackers. The names of students in these Trackers will appear in the High Priority section of the Dashboards of their teachers.