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East Start Guides

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Staff Websites

Getting Started

If you haven't had a chance to review the Easy Start Guide for staff, please use the links in the left column to download a copy for your version of School Loop. You'll find these help pages for personal websites much easier to follow if you've been through the guide.

When you're done with this page, you will find more information listed under Teacher Websites, including Publishing Content, Images and Files, and My Site Settings pages.

Working with your default page

The default website for staff accounts on School Loop Standard starts you off with a single page waiting for you to flesh it out a bit before publishing. The default page contains a number of elements. Any element you do not wish to keep may be removed by clicking the trash can icon for that element. If you delete an element and later change your mind, there's no need to worry. It's a snap to add more elements. Just click the the green + sign anywhere on the site that you want to add an element.


Page Title

Click the Properties button next to the page title to change the name of the page. You'll also have the option to enter a URL name to make it easier for visitors to find your site. Enter "jones" if you want the URL name to be

If you'd like to change the layout, you may do so. We recommend, however, that you initially stick with the top left template choice with navigation on the left and 3 columns of content.

Resource Locker

To edit the name of the locker, click the pencil icon.

Use the Save Resources button on the locker element to add files, links or folders to your locker. If you wish to organize your locker resources into folders, carefully plan your structure before you start uploading files. Currently there is no easy way to move locker resources between folders.

If your resources are already organized on your hard drive, there is an option to upload a zipped folder of those resources. Our system will unzip the files exactly as they were on your computer.


This element allows you to post notes for visitors to your page. Think of it as a personal blog. The 10 most recent notes will appear on the page with the newest on top. A View All Notes link will appear on the bottom of the list if there are more than 10 notes. All notes remain on your site until you delete them.


The calendar will display all the events you publish to your personal website. Click the pencil icon if you'd rather have a monthly calendar or any one of the 5 calendar options. The title is also editable. Use the Add Events menu on the calendar to publish either a general event (e.g. a class field trip) or an assignment.


Publish important news for your site. Click the Add News button on the element and fill out the simple form. The newest items appear on the top of the list and expired news drops off automatically. Clicking the pencil icon allows you to choose how many news items will appear on the page and the format of the news ("Short" lists the headline only. "Long" displays the headline and up to the first few lines of text).

Ready to publish?

So, you've deleted some elements from your default staff page and added content to others. Perhaps you also posted some news, and notes. Are you ready to publish your site? Well, that's up to you. If you'd like to embellish the site in any way before opening it up to the public, then continue reading the other pages of this section. When you are ready, just click the Publish button near the top of the page.

If your school has included you in a directory on the school site, your name becomes a link to your site as soon as you publish.