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Send LoopMail

1. Click the LoopMail icon at the top of any page in your portal.


2. Click the New Message Button.

3. Add recipients.

Start typing the name of your intended recipient in the TO field. When you see your recipient, click their name. See below for other addressing options.


4. Complete your message.

  • Subject
  • Message
  • Attach files and/or links

5. Click Send.

Adding Recipients

LoopMail offers several options for adding recipients

Add CC and/or BCC fields as desired.

  1. Use the add CC or Add BCC links.



  1. Start typing the name of your recipient in the TO, CC, or BCC field and a list of matching users will appear.
  2. Click your intended recipient's name when it appears.
  3. Repeat to add multiple recipients.

Browser Users

  1. Click the TOCC, or BCC buttons to bring up a list of users
  2. Narrow the list of recipients using the Lookup field or the Select A List menu.
  3. Use the checkboxes to add multiple recipients.


Removing Recipients

  1. Click the 'x" next to the recipient's name.


Additional Teacher Options

Teachers have one additional addressing option that will allow you to address LoopMail to their students along with their parents and members of their Learning Management Team.

1. Click the TOCC, or BCC buttons to bring up a rolodex style list of users.

2. From the Select A List menu, choose My students, their parents, or Learning Management Teams.


3. Use the radio buttons to include students only, parents only, or parents and students.

4. Choose students from the All or period number tabs on the side of the rolodex interface.

5. Optionally, use the Learning Management Team icon for an individual student.


Q: Are there limits on the number of recipients for a LoopMail message?

A: Yes, there are some. The TO and CC fields have a combined maximum of 200 recipients for faculty and staff - for students and parents the maximum is 50. The BCC field does not have a maximum. Students and parents, however, do not have the BCC field.

Q: How do I send a message to large number of recipients?

A: Use the BCC field.

Q: How do I see a list of all my recipients?

A: When the number of recipients is greater than 10, you'll see a link something like "+ 37 more..." after the first 10.Click that link to view all your recipients. 


Q: Does LoopMail have spell check?

A: Unfortunately no, but most modern browsers have built-in spell check. Here's a guide to the keyboard and mouse click combinations needed to access suggested spellings for various browsers:


Safari, Firefox, Chrome



Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Internet Explorer 10

Ctrl+right click

Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9

No built in spell checker


Q: Can users with an "Associate" or "Afterschool Professional" account send messages to students and parents?

A: No. This is not allowed.

Q: Can sent messages be recalled or deleted from the recipients' inbox?

A: Yes. Contact Support and we will remove the message from your Sent mail and from the LoopMail inbox of all recipients. Remember to give us the subject and date and time the message was sent, so we can remove the correct message. Note: The copy of the message that is forwarded to the recipients' registered email address cannot be recalled or deleted.