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Seating Chart

Getting There

There's two ways you can access your classroom seating chart

1. Click the More button near your course in the main portal page:


2. Click the Classroom menu and enter your class. Then click Seating Chart on the right side.


The School Loop seating chart is an easy to use, drag and drop seating chart. Your current rosters will be right there so you can:

  • Easily arrange the room and delete extra seats
  • Randomly or alphabetically assign students to seats
  • Drag and drop students you want to move
  • Print out hard copies of the chart

Creating the Layout

1. Select the Layout tab.

2. Create a grid of any size.

Layout Tab.png

3. Move the seats into any configuration by placing your cursor over the seat and dragging and dropping it where you want it to be. Do not move seats into the blank area on the left.

4. To add extra seats, click Add One Seat. The new seat will appear on top of the existing grid. Drag and drop the seat wherever you wish.

Delete Seat

5. To delete a seat , click the small X in the upper right corner of the seat that appears when you hover over the seat.

6. When you are satisfied with the layout, select Save layout.

Note: A layout consists of an arrangement of seats. Only one layout can be saved per teacher. If you have two classes with different seating arrangements, create a grid that accommodates the larger of the two arrangements and do not delete seats from this arrangement. One layout applies for all of your classes, so create a grid that is large enough to accommodate your largest class.


Assigning Seats to Students

Students Tab.png

1. Select the Students tab.

Your roster will appear tiled down the left side of the seating chart grid and you can arrange students easily to meet your needs.

2. You can drag and drop students anywhere on the seating chart.

3. Or, have the system arrange students for you by clicking the Randomly or Alphabetically buttons.

4. If you wish to start over, click the Reset Students button to clear all seats and move the students back to the left-hand column.

5. When you have completed the arrangement, select Save Seat Assignments.
Move Student in Seating Chart.png