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School Settings

All administrative accounts have access to these school settings. Most settings only have to be set once, but we recommend that you review all settings from year to year. The best time to check your settings is approximately 1 week before the start of a school year.

Log into your account, and click the School Settings button located in the Quick Links section of your portal homepage.



Of the four sections found on the School Settings page, only the Terms and Access Registration Management sections are essential to ensuring that your School Loop site is properly configured.

Settings History records the username, date, time and action for all changes to the school wide settings. Calculate Averages in Progress Reports gives teachers the option to include the overall class average in the progress reports for individual students, allowing students and their parents to compare the student's average with the average of all students in that period.

Term Settings

Terms (e.g. quarter, semester, year) are part of the data School Loop imports, but the start and end dates must be set manually.

How to set terms

Access and Registration Management

All of the settings related to access to School Loop and user registration have been grouped into a single page.

Access Registration Management Settings

Global Settings

District Admins can broadcast the settings for terms and Access Registration Management from a single form. All schools in the district are updated with the same settings in a single click. If some schools have unique settings, follow the directions listed above.

Global Settings