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Parent Registration Guides

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Register Parents & Students

Students and parents self-register. They will need their student ID number to complete the form. Registration literally takes less than two minutes.

1. Click the Register Now button.

Users will find this button on the school's website as well as on the login form.




2. Choose the language (optional), then choose either student or parent registration.


3. Complete the registration form.


4. Click the Register Now button.

Tips to Encourage Parent & Student Registration

  • Summer Registration: When students (and parents) are on campus to register during the summer, set up a few computers (the more the better). Have a few student or parent volunteers stationed to assist. Each computer should be set to your school's URL for School Loop. Registration takes only 2 minutes. It's best to send students and parents to a registration station after receiving some documentation that clearly displays the student ID number. New incoming parents and students will not be able to register over the summer until after schedules for the new year are imported from the Student Information System. This typically occurs the just before school starts.
  • Utilize Computer Labs: During the 1st week of school, create a rotation schedule where all English teachers bring their students to the computer lab. You can quickly register all the students in your school with this method. Be sure the teacher brings his or her roll book in case a student forgets to bring his or her ID number.
  • Hold a School Loop Registration Day: Designate a particular day where teachers commit to looking at their School Loop rosters. Any student with a red asterisks next to their name means that student is not registered. Teachers can use their computer in class to register students. Make it a tag team event. Students can commit to getting their parents registered on that day as well. Make a competition out of it - the teacher/class who registers the most students wins a prize!
  • Include information about School Loop in the registration packets for your students.
  • Send a flyer home with how to register instructions (Instructions in Spanish and English are available for download in the left column).


Q: Do parents have full rights once registered?

A: No. Parents may not view published graded until their account has been approved by a school administrator. Some schools choose to use a more restrictive policy that requires approval for both student and parent accounts before they may even log into the system.

Q: Do parents have to register multiple times if they have more than one child?

A: Depends. Parents can add multiple children to their account if those children attend the same school. More info...

Q: Will students and parents have to re-register each school year.

A: No. Their accounts remain active year to year as long as the student attends the school. If a student changes schools, then both student and parent will have to register at the new school.

Q: Is an email address required for student or parent registration?

A: No. It's desirable, but students and parents may enter "@" in place of a valid email address.

Q: Is mass registration of students and parents possible?

A: For parents, no. For students this is possible if the district uses our directory services integration.

Q: Can new parents and students register before the first day of school?

A: Incoming students and their parents will not be able to register until new schedules have been imported into School Loop. This typically doesn't happen until just before school starts but can vary from school to school.