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New Year Tasks

Plus Districts

In order to start a new school year with School Loop, a number of tasks must be performed. For our part, we will prepare your sites by archiving old data in preparation for the data imports for the new school year. We take this action 10 days before the start of the school year unless the district requests an alternate date. The required tasks for the district are listed below.

The Tasks

TASK 1: Update Sloopy files for the new school year: Yearly Update

Who: Sloopy Installer

When: As soon as possible after the schedules for the new year are rolled into the master database.


TASK 2: Restart the automated task that runs Sloopy every night: Automating Sloopy 

Note: Make sure the Sloopy data folder does not contain files from the previous year prior to restarting the automated task.

Who: Sloopy Installer

When: After Task 1 is complete.

TASK 3: Set Term dates: Term Settings by School

Or set terms globally for the whole district: Global Settings

Who: District Administrator or Implementation Leader

When: After Task 2 and after the 1st Sloopy data import has come in.


TASK 4: Spot check your first data imports for the new school year: Verify Imports

Who: District Administrator or Implementation Leader

When: After Task 3 is complete.


TASK 5: Register new users: Register Users

If your district is using School Loop's Directory Service Integration, follow this link instead: Activate Accounts

Who: District Administrator or Implementation Leader

When: After Tasks 1-4 are complete.


Clean House

When the above tasks have been completed, School Loop highly recommends that you clean house by deleting unused accounts for Principals, APs, Staff, Associates, and Sys Admins. Here are the recommended steps for deleting users from the system:

1. If you are using the Directory element on the website, uncheck the user and republish the Directory page

2. Auto Login as the user and unpublish their site.

3. Delete the user using the Delete link next to their name in the account list. (Caution: This step is irreversible and the user will lose all access to their data.)

Note: Teacher accounts cannot be deleted, but you can unpublish their site and block login rights on the Inactive Teachers list.

Recycled Teacher IDs

If your district reuses teacher IDs, it is best to send us a list of those ID numbers before you run imports. Use the red Help link at the top right of your portal to send us a help ticket listing the ID numbers to be recycled. If you've already run imports with the recycled ID numbers, you may have difficulty registering the new teacher accounts. In this case, contact support with a list of the recycled  ID numbers along with the names of the old and new teachers associated with each number.