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Making the Grade

Making the Grade has been designed to work with School Loop, and works best with the most current version. Both assignments and rosters flow from School Loop into Making the Grade. You do not need to enter assignments or manage rosters in Making The Grade. Be sure to follow the steps outlined on the Partner Gradebooks page to switch from the School Loop Gradebook to Making the Grade.

Note: Do not activate the Spanish language features in Making the Grade. Doing so will prevent progress reports from uploading to School Loop.

Export Rosters and Assignments from School Loop

Export from School Loop


1. On your portal page in School Loop, select 


Partner Gradebook in the Gradebooks menu on your Navigation Bar.

2. Select Export Rosters and Assignments to Making the Grade on the Making the Grade Tools page.

3. Click Download Roster and save this file (it will have a .gbx extension) in a folder that you have created for your Making the Grade files.


Import to MTG

1. Log in to Making the Grade.

Import SL Rosters2. Choose Import School Loop Rosters.

NOTE: Do not import from the File menu. Do Not enter student names or IDs manually in Making the Grade.

3. Find your roster file and open it. It will automatically be converted into a Making the Grade file for your first course.

4. Click Save and you will be prompted to do a one-time setup of your gradebook. Your School Loop categories will be automatically entered in Making the Grade.

5. Repeat for each course.

Now you are ready to enter grades in Making the Grade.

You can add assignments and new students to an existing gradebook on a regular basis by simply downloading rosters and assignments in School Loop and importing them in Making the Grade. Once you have downloaded your updated rosters, open your Making the Grade gradebook, then select Update Rosters from the School Loop menu.

Import Progress Reports from MTG

Send Progress ReportsExport from MTG

Once you have entered grades in Making the Grade, you can send progress reports back to School Loop.

1. In Making the Grade, select Send Progress Reports from the School Loop pull-down menu. This will create a schoolloop.xml file that will be automatically be saved in your MTG folder.


Import Progress ReportsImport to School Loop

1. Back on your portal page in School Loop, select Partner Gradebook in the Gradebook For... menu on your Navigation Bar. Select Import Progress Reports.

2. Browse to the School Loop.xml file you just saved in the MTG folder and click Submit.

Your progress reports will be uploaded to School Loop, published to student and parent homepages, and emailed home every night.

View Published Progress Reports


Once, you've imported progress reports from Making The Grade, a convenient place to view them is from the Student Performance tab in the Course Tools.

1. From you portal, click the Class Tools link.

2. Click the Student Performance tab.

3. Click the arrow next to a student's name to see details including a link to the Full Progress Report. The full progress report will show the assignments and grades you have imported for that student. 

Note: Only the most recently published progress report will available for students and parents. School Loop does not keep a record of older progress reports or grades when using a partner gradebook. Remember to back up your gradebook!

Making The Grade Video Tutorial

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