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Manage Sections - Teachers

About Managing Courses

At the beginning of a term, and before you add assignments, you may want to move sections from one course center to another to consolidate your students. This will make assigning work and grading easier. It may be necessary to separate sections into separate gradebooks to accommodate the need for different grading policies, alternate day schedules, etc. Separating sections may require the creation of new course centers. If new course centers are needed,contact a system administrator or submit a Help Ticket to School Loop Support by clicking on the red ?, and click on the "personal help" link in the 3rd support option.

Getting There

ManageSections.pngUse the Manage Sections link located in the Quick Links section of your portal homepage, to merge sections, separate sections, change course titles, and view your rosters.

Moving and Merging Sections

Merge Sections.png

Before you enter assignments or grades, you can move a section from one course to another.


1. Click the Move & Merge button of the section you wish to merge.

2. Check the button next to the course you want to move the section into.

3 Click the Submit button.


The students in that section will now be part of that course and, therefore, part of the gradebook for that course.

Move and Merge.png

Edit Course Title

Course titles are imported from your school's student information system and are often abbreviated in odd ways. On the Manage Sections page, click the Edit button next to the course title to change it.

Edit Name.png

Class Rosters

View Rosters.png

Click View Roster and a list of students that section will be displayed. Any student who has been dropped from that section will appear with a line through their name. Clicking on the name of any student will take you to their Student Record.

Hide Dropped Courses

If you no longer need to access a course that has been dropped and want to hide it from your portal, you can do so by clicking the Change button on the far right side of the course. By default empty courses are hidden from your portal automatically so there is no need to hide empty courses.




Q: Why is the Move and Merge button dimmed or grayed out?

A: You have entered at least one assignment. Since assignments and grades cannot be moved from one course to another, the Move and Merge button is made inactive. It's still possible to move sections if you're willing to re-enter assignments and scores. Contact School Loop support or ask your site administrator to move the sections for you in this case. Keep in mind that if you move a section out of the course, you are moving it away from any existing assignments or scores that you have already entered.