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Grade Export

About Grade Export

School Loop's Grade Export feature is available to all schools using our Plus Grade product. There is a fee for this service. Please contact School Loop if your district or school is interested in using this service.

The Grade Export System includes a grade submission page for teachers that includes customary columns such as grade, conduct, and comments. The columns themselves and their values are completely customizable to match the requirements of your Student Information System (SIS).

On the administrative side, we provide the tools to create marking periods that provide teachers with a window of opportunity to submit grades directly from their School Loop account, monitor the submissions by teachers, and generate a single import file containing the submissions from all teachers. This import file is also fully customizable as either tab delimited or CSV with data columns organized in an order you specify.

To import grades from our system to yours, you may use the import tools provided by the SIS or your own custom scripts. For PowerSchool, School Loop developed a custom Java application called Gripper that will import grades into your SIS.

Importing Grades to Your SIS

In most cases, grades submitted by teachers using the School Loop Grade Export System are imported to the Student Information System (SIS) using tools provided by the SIS. In other cases, districts have developed their own custom import tool (scripts).

PowerSchool is unique in that School Loop's Gripper utility must be used to convert the import file into a format suitable for the PowerSchool import tool. See the Gripper for PowerSchool page for more information.

Aeries has its own import tool that supports the School Loop Grade Import File. See the Grade Import for Aeries page for more information.

The Process

Generally, the entire Grade Export process can be summarized as follows:

Before teachers can submit grades, someone with administrative rights to the export system must complete the following tasks:

  • Set values for fields with customizable options
  • Set the dates and times when teachers will be able to submit grades

When the grade export window opens, teachers may submit their grades as follows:

  • Select a course for grade export
  • Choose the source of grades (gradebook or progress reports)
  • Select desired values for fields with customizable options such as conduct and comments
  • Repeat the steps above for each course taught

After all teachers have submitted grades, a single import file is created for an entire school. Use this file with your own import utility or School Loop's Gripper program to import the grades into your SIS.

Any SIS capable of importing grades from a tab delimited or CSV file may be able to use the import file created by School Loop. The import file may contain any or all of the following fields organized in an order you specify:


Fields imported from your SIS Fields with custom options
Student ID Grade
Course ID Conduct or Citizenship
Teacher ID Work Habits
Section ID Comments (multiple)
School ID Other Custom Fields (multiple)


Setting up Grade Export

  • Marking Periods
  • Column Setup
  • Create The Import File

Instructions for Teachers

  • Submitting grades
  • Tips

Gripper (Import Tool)

  • Gripper Setup
  • Running Gripper