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Google Drive Integration

Google Drive integration is available for districts that want to enable it. Integrating with Google Drive lets you see your Drive from the new School Loop locker, and makes it easy to move files back and forth between Drive and your lockers. Students can submit work from Drive to assignments and if those submissions are Google Docs, then teachers can view, add comments and interact with students directly within the Google Doc. District administrators must ask School Loop to enable this feature before it is available to all users.

Connecting and disconnecting Google Drive

Connecting to Google Drive

authorize.png1.  Go to My Locker and click the Connect to Google Drive button to start the process. If you wish to connect to Google Drive, you must "AGREE" to School Loop's User Agreement.

2. You will be prompted to enter your Google username and password. Even if you saved your Google login information in the browser, we require that you enter your password for additional security.

3. Accept Google's terms. 


Disconnecting Google Drive



1. Go to My Locker.

2. Select "Google Drive" from your list of lockers.

3. Click the Disconnect from Google Drive icon just above the list of lockers.

Using Google Drive with School Loop's locker

View all files in "My Drive" and "Shared with me" through School Loop's locker. Once you connect Google Drive to your locker, you can navigate through all your Google docs and Google folders.

To open a native Google doc (document, spreadsheet, drawing, etc):

1. Click on the name of the document. The document will open in a new tab or window.

2. If you own a document, you can edit it. If you only have viewing rights, you will not be able to edit the document.

Copy files to and from Google Drive. 

Copy files between Google Drive and your School Loop locker:

1. Dragging and dropping. Click and hold the mouse button on a file, drag it to its destination and release the mouse button.

2. Click the checkboxes and click the Copy icon at the top of the locker.

  • Copying a file to Google Drive creates a new copy of that file - any changes you make to the original will not be reflected in Drive.
  • Copying a file from Google Drive creates a link to that file in your locker. Changes to native Google docs will be reflected in the linked file within School Loop. 

Students can submit Google docs to assignments. Students can use the "Submit from Locker" link in every School Loop assignment to submit work from Google Drive. When a student submits a native Google document to an assignment, School Loop submits  the Google doc and a copy of the work as either a PDF or RTF document. The copy is a snapshot of the Google document at the time of submission. No changes to the document made after submission will be reflected in the snapshot unless the student resubmits the assignment. Teachers can view submitted work from their portal or through the gradebook. Students can also submit non-native files from Drive; those submissions are the same format (text file, Word, Excel, etc.) as the original document.


Sharing Permissions

In our Google Drive integration, School Loop will follow the sharing permissions for files and folders as set by each user in their Google Drive account. Google has settings that give people the right to view your document as long as they have the link to the document. See Google's support pages for more information about sharing files in Drive and for instructions on how to share files.

Note: When students submit a native Google document (Docs, Sheets, Slides & Forms) to an assignment, teachers also receive a snapshot of the document. Consequently, it is not necessary for students to share their Google documents with their teachers. Sharing is still required for non non-native Google docs like PDFs.

The settings you choose for your files and folders will determine how those resources will be shared in School Loop. Here are some guidelines for you to follow:

If you intend to share your Google document with registered School Loop users at your school or district, we suggest you use these settings in Google:

Visibility: Anyone with the link

Access: Make the appropriate choice for your situation.


If you choose to share your Google document with specific people, complications may arise. Let’s say, for example, that you share your Google document with just one student and then copied that file into a School Loop course locker (teachers) or into a Group locker (most any user). All users that have access to those lockers will see the link for your Google document, but only the one student will be able to open that document. Remember, sharing a Google document in School Loop does not change the sharing permissions set in Google.



Q: How do I turn on Google Drive integration?

A: Your district needs to request that School Loop enable Google Drive for the district before you can use this new feature.


Q: Who can connect to Google Drive?

A:Once School Loop has enabled Google Drive integration for your district, anyone with “My Locker” may connect to Google Drive. You will not automatically be connected to your Google account, nor do you have to connect. We are simply making Google Drive available for people who want to connect to it.


Q:How do I know it’s secure?

A:Before connecting to Google Drive, you must enter your Google username and password, even if that information is saved in your browser. This security step ensures you are the only person who can connect to your Google Drive account. You only need to enter this information once.


Q: How do I connect to Google Drive?

A:Connect to Google Drive through the new locker. Navigate to the new locker by clicking the “Try our new locker” button in the upper right corner of the old locker. Once in the new locker, click the “Connect to Google Drive” button in the upper left corner and follow the instructions on the screen.


Q:Can I stop connecting to my Google Drive?

A:Yes! If at any time you want to disable your connection to Google Drive, click on the Google Drive folder within your locker. A button “Disable Google Drive” will appear in the top left corner of your locker. Click the button to disconnect. You can connect and disconnect as much as you want.


Q:What if I have two Google accounts?

A:You can only connect to a single account at a time, but we suggest a few workarounds:

  • Share the files you want to move from the unconnected account with your connected Google account. School Loop shows the "Shared with me" folder in the locker. Simply grab the desired files out of "Shared with me."
  • You can disconnect and reconnect different accounts as often as you like. So grab the files you need from one Google account, then disconnect and reconnect to your second account. Repeat as needed!