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Gradebook: Getting Started

Before you begin this getting started guide, we suggest you start by with the link below. This page will familiarize you with layout of the gradebook.

Gradebook Introduction

We also suggest you download our Configuration Guide before moving on to the sections below.

Gradebook Setup

Log into your School Loop account and click the Settings button (Gear Icon) located near the top right of the page. This action will bring up the Settings page where you will first configure the Categories you wish to use and then all of the setting for each specific gradebook. You can also go directly to the gradebook settings for any particular gradebook from the Tools tab in your gradebook.

Settings Page.png

Account Management

Change your email address, password, display name, opt out of daily emails and more.

Assignment Categories

If you plan to use weighting with any of your gradebooks, it is a requirement that you set up your categories. Otherwise, this step is optional. However, many teachers who do not use weight choose to use categories to help keep assignments organized and to provide an additional layer of information for their parents and students.

Start by clicking the Go button for Assignments Categories. On the page that follows, you may edit or delete the system default categories. You may also add your own categories. There is no limit to the number of categories you may have. Just keep in mind that this is a universal list and that all categories will be available for use in any and all of your gradebooks.

Learn more about setting categories

Instant Score Updates

See student and class averages update as you enter scores - learn more about Instant Score Updates

Gradebook Settings

Most settings are per gradebook and must be configured for each gradebook. A few of the settings are universal and apply to all gradebooks. These universal settings are clearly marked on the gradebook settings page.

Note: New gradebooks are created at the beginning of each school year and for each new course that is added to your schedule. Be sure to setup your weighting, custom codes, and grade scale at the beginning of the new school year once your have your new rosters in School Loop.

From the Settings Index page, click the title of a gradebook under the "Select a gradebook" section.

For most teachers the gradebook defaults are the preferred settings, so the minimal configuring required is to set your grade scale. If you choose to us weighting, you must configure that feature as well. By default, weighting is turned off. Use the links below to learn more about all of the setting available:

Weighting Custom Codes (Universal)
Grade Scale (Universal) Number of Columns in Gradebook
Assignment Order Student Order

Publish Assignments

With your gradebooks properly configured, you are now ready post assignments for your students and their parents.  To add assignments use the Add Assignment button in the Dashboard of your portal homepage or the Add Assignment button in every gradebook. Any of these options will take you to the simple assignment form.

Learn more about assigning work

Score Assignments

When it is time to record scores, you have three scoring modes to choose from: the main gradebook spreadsheet, assignment scoresheets, and student scoresheets. Most teachers have experience with an electronic gradebook and ours is no different the the others when it comes to data entry. Just the same, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the general features of the gradebook and the various mode for grade entry by following the links below.

Learn more about scoring assignments:

Data Entry

Assignment Scoresheet

Student Scoresheet

Publish Grades

School Loop puts you in charge. Grades you've recorded in the gradebook are for you only until you decided when and which grades to publish for students and parents to see. Consequently, there can be a difference between the recorded grades and the published grades. Follow the links below to learn more.

About Publishing Grades

All Grades View

Published Grades View

Advanced Gradebook (v4) Topics

Once you are happy with the gradebook configuration and comfortable with the basic features, you can explore these advanced topics:

Assignment Discussions Conduct online discussion about your assignments with your students.
Auto Updates See how the Gradebook updates percentage scores on the fly.
Custom Progress Report Message Add more detailed information to the progress reports.
Drop Lowest Score Learn how to, well, drop the lowest score from the Gradebook.
Dropped Students Understand how our Gradebook deals with dropped students.
Extra Credit How to include extra credit the right way.
Grades: Drafts, Restore & History See how the Gradebook protects you from accidental grade loss.
Hide Progress Report Score Hides the overall percentage score for those using non-standard grading.
Manage Gradebooks Need multiple Gradebooks? Here's how.
Mode - Special Views Points, percents, and locked. Oh my!
Reports Print reports about student and class grades.
Submissions Accept work online.
Call Alerts Schedule automated phone calls to parents with this optional feature.
Transfer Grades Learn how to transfer grade scores when a student switches periods.