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Element Gallery

Page Elements

Rich Text Editor

A word processor of sorts. Allows styled text. embed videos, bulleted lists, special characters, tables, and much more. Hyperlink to pages on the site, any URL, locker resources, or create a mailto link. Insert images from computer, locker, or image album.

Custom HTML

A webmaster-only element used to insert raw HTML or JavaScript. Good for recycling HTML from your old site or to embed widgets from 3rd party sites.


Include any or all registered users from your site in a directory that includes name, phone number, extension, and position. User names link to their personal site, if it is published. Envelope icons allow public visitors to send an email message to anyone listed in a directory (admins have the ability to turn off the public contact form).

Note: When staff changes are made in School Loop, the directory must be updated. Check names to add them to the directory and uncheck names to remove them. Remember to republish the page after updating the directory.


Create a slideshow of images from your image albums or drag and drop from your computer. The number and order of the images are yours to control. Choose from 5 different transitions.


Upload a single image directly from your hard drive. JPG, PNG, and GIF formats are supported.

Note: Animated GIFs and transparent GIFs/ PNGs are not supported in the Picture element. Use the Rich Text Editor instead.

RSS Feed

Add an RSS news feed from the district site, a school site, or an external source such as the Department of Education.

Note: Not available without the Unification feature.

Insert Flash

SWF and FLV files are currently supported. Customizable title, width and height. 

Insert Video

MP4, MOV, WMV, SWF, and FLV files are currently supported. Customizable title, width and height.

Note: By default, this element is not enabled. Request must be made by administrator to enable video element.

Login Module (Plus only)

Use this element if you wish to include the Login and Register buttons on the homepage.

Section Elements


Each section has its own separate events, but calendars can be set to include the events from sub-sections. Calendars come in five different styles including day, week, and month.


Like events, each section has its own separate news. Options include the number of headlines to display on the page and whether to use the Short (headline only) or Long (headline, first 3 lines of text, and date published) style.


Essentially a news post without an expiration date. Notes remain published until you delete them.


Each section has its own locker. Upload files and links to the locker and make them available for download. Since it is possible to set any locker element to display the contents of any locker on the site or any folder within a locker, organizing resources into folders is recommended.

Element Gallery 2.png