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Easy Grade Pro

To use Easy Grade Pro with School Loop, you must have version 4.0 or 4.1. It is also important to note that you must start a new gradebook following the directions here. If you attempt to use a previously created gradebook, you will not be successful. Be sure to follow the steps outlined on the Partner Gradebook page to switch from the School Loop Gradebook to Easy Grade Pro.

Note: An XML export from EGP is required for integration with School Loop. Users should check that XML exports are supported in future versions of EGP before upgrading.

Special Instructions for Version 4.1


The newest version of EGP is still compatible with School Loop, but you must first enable the XML export format, which is disabled by default.

Windows Users

1. Hold the Alt key down

2.  Hover the pointer over  the File menu.

3. Click and hold the left mouse button down.

4. Hover the pointer over the Export... option and release the left mouse button.

Mac Users

1.  Hold the Option key down.

2. Click the File menu.

3. Then click the Export... option.

The Export XML Gradebook option has now been re-enabled and you may continue to import grades into School Loops as you did with version 4.0.

Note: EGP Web, the online version of Easy Grade Pro, is NOT compatible with School Loop.

Create a new Gradebook

PortalRosterToolsLink.pngExport Rosters from School Loop

1. On you our portal click More to the right of the course to reveal additional links and click Roster Tools.

2. Under Roster Tools, click the Roster (.txt) link to download your roster for a period to a text file.

3. Create a folder for your gradebook files on your computer and save this text file to it.

You can download files for all sections and save them in the same folder.

You can also download rosters from the Partner Gradebook area in the GradeBook For... Pull-down on your navigation bar.


Import rosters into EGPEasy Import of Students


1. In Easy Grade Pro select Create New Gradebook and create a name for your gradebook and save it to a new folder on your computer.

2. Select Import Classes then Easy Import of Students.

3. Select a term and then type the class and the subject name in the space provided.

4. Find your roster file in the folder you created and open it. You will be asked to match the data fields with information from the roster.

5. Select Last Name, First Name and ID#.


You can now import the rest of the section rosters for this class into the same gradebook.

Once you have your gradebook created, you can enter assignments and grades.


EGPImportCurrentClass.jpgWhen new students enroll in your class and appear on your School Loop roster, you can update your Easy Grade Pro gradebook by following the same steps you used to import rosters initially but instead of creating a new class with the updated roster, choose your Current Class.



Export Grades from EGP

Export XML Gradebook1. To export your grades from Easy Grade Pro, Select File, then click Export.

2. Select the Export XML Gradebook format, then select your class and click Export. If you have more than one class in your course, shift+click to select multiple classes. It is important to export all periods in a course into one export file.

3. Save the XML file (by default the name is XML Gradebook.xml) to your EGP folder on your computer.


Import EGP Progress Reports

ImportProgressReport.png1. From your your School Loop portal, select Partner Gradebook in the Gradebooks menu on your Navigation Bar.

2. Choose your course, then browse to your XML Gradebook.xml file and click Submit.

Because you have imported your rosters from School Loop and are exporting the same students back to School Loop, your progress reports will publish successfully.

View Published Progress Reports

Once, you've imported progress reports from Easy Grade Pro, a convenient place to view them is from the Grade Trends page accessed from Roster Tools.

1. From your portal, click More then click the Roster Tools link.

2. On the Tools page click the Grade Trends link on the right side under Performance Tools.

3. Click the arrow next to a student's name to see details including a link to the Full Progress Report. The full progress report will show the assignments and grades you have imported for that student. 

Note: Only the most recently published progress report will available for students and parents. School Loop does not keep a record of older progress reports or grades when using a partner gradebook. Remember to back up your gradebook!

Unpublish Easy Grade Pro Progress Reports

To unpublish Easy Grade Pro progress reports, click More to reveal your Classroom links then click Reports.



On the Reports page, click Unpublish to remove your latest upload. Students will see "No Grades Published".



Standards-Based Progress Reports

If you use Standards-based grading in Easy Grade Pro, that's no problem. Just export from EGP and import into School Loop as instructed above and our system will automatically format the progress report to display your standard grades.