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Student Record: Dropbox/Submitting work

Submitting Work from the Locker

Students can submit work for any gradebook assignment via School Loop directly to the teacher’s account. An archive is kept with date and time stamps of each submission for the student and the teacher.

When a student clicks on the name of an assignment from their portal calendar or from the Task List: Current Assignments on their Dashboard, they will find two Submit Work links; Locker and Device  After clicking Locker, the student will be able to browse for the file or link in their locker(files can be in any format and can include Word documents, pdfs, media files, etc.). Links can go to any outside web address or even a direct link to a Google document.


Once the file or link has been submitted, it will appear in the Dropbox at the top of the student page. Each submission is displayed with a date and time stamp, a link to the assignment to which it was submitted, and the title of the work submitted. If a student resubmits the work, it will overwrite previous submissions.



Submitting Work from Device

Instead of submitting from the Locker, students can also submit from Device, the drive of their current machine. After clicking the Device button, students will see this screen. Students will clearly see the course and assignment. They can use the button, or drag/drop files from the computer onto the indicated area. Finally, they will see a success message when the file is uploaded and submitted.



Using School Loop Documents

With our School Loop Document feature, students can turn in work from within School Loop without having to upload external documents. This is particularly good news for iPad and iPhone users, since uploading files from the device is not supported by mobile Safari. School Loop Documents are a good way for students to submit links for work they have created on other sites. Teachers can view and grade turned in School Loop documents right from the assignment or student scoresheet. Here's how it works.

SL documents RTE.jpg
1. Students will go to the Locker icon at the top of their portal.

2. Click the Add pull-down menu.

3. Choose New Document from the pull-down menu. 

4. Name the document and type your content.

5. Click Save & Exit.

Once the document is in the locker, it can be submitted the same way as any other file in the student locker. School Loop documents can be distinguished from other uploaded files by the document icon and the SL Doc type.


Each document can only be submitted once, but the student can go back and edit the document by using the Edit button on the bottom left. Teachers will be able view updated versions of the turned in document.

Students can see the date of the version they are viewing on the top left and can choose to view any saved version using the View Version pull-down menu on the right.

Accessing Submitted Work

You will find all work turned in for a particular assignment on the Assignment Scoresheet. You can get to the Assignment Scoresheet by clicking the name of the assignment either on the main spreadsheet or on the Assignment List in the gradebook.  In addition, to submitted work, you can also view any discussion posts the student has made for that assignment on the Assignment Scoresheet. A third way is to click the assignment in your calendar, and then click View Submissions on the View Assignment page. You can also click a student's name within your gradebook to see a list of all work turned in by that student on the Student Scoresheet.


Submitting work from Google Drive

For districts who have decided to turn on Google Drive Integration, students can add Google Drive to their locker and submit Google Docs directly from their google drive. Teachers who have connected their Google Drive from their locker can open and edit those Docs. See our Google Drive Integration page for more information. 

Submitting Work from iPads

The School Loop iPad app makes it easy for students to save files from their iPad to their School Loop locker, and to turn work in for grading. See the iPad App for Students Help page for more details.


Q: We are a plus site. Why can't my student submit work?

A: Check to see if your assignment was created as a calendar-only assignment. Gradebook Plus students cannot submit files to calendar-only assignments.