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Daily Email

Each weekday morning a course info. email is sent to all teachers and a Hot News email is sent to all administrators and staff members.

Each weekday evening a homework email is sent to all registered parents and students with email addresses.

Your Homework Email for Parents and Students

The homework email is sent out every day (M-F) at about 5pm. Teachers need to publish before 5pm for parents and students to see updated grades the same evening. This email is a snapshot of all assignments and published grades and includes: 

  • A date and time-stamp
  • Work Due
  • Work Due In The Future
  • Email Learning Management Team option
  • Account Management
  • Access to Grade Details for approved parents.


Course Info and Publishing for Teachers

teacheremail.pngTeacher daily emails include:



  • Trending information
  • Assign work and publish news links
  • Access to LoopMail, Personal Locker, News and Groups
  • Account Management

Hot News/Publish News for Administrators and Staff

staffemail.pngAdministrator and Staff daily emails include:


  • Add General Event and Publish News links
  • School and Group News
  • Group discussions and projects
  • Access to Student Records and Student Tracker
  • Access to LoopMail, Personal Lockers, News and Groups
  • Account Management


Q: Why are parents or students not receiving the daily email?

A: Go through this checklist

  1. They must have a registered account with a valid email address
  2. Parent accounts must be approved to view grades
  3. Check the Spam or Junk mail folders to see if the daily emails are there.
  4. Whitelist For many email clients this simply involves adding the email address to the Contact list or address book. Click here for a site that has a list of instructions for many different email clients.

Q: How do I opt out (unsubscribe) of the daily email?

A: Users who prefer to login to check their accounts rather than receive a daily email can do so by turning off the Receive Daily Email feature. This feature is located on your Account Management page.

  1. Click the Settings button at the top right of any page in your portal.
  2. Click the Change button to the right of "Receive Daily Emails".
  3. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.