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Upload Google IDs

In order to import scores to a School Loop assignment from Google Classroom or to invite students (a feature of our new Google integration - coming soon) district administrators must upload student Google IDs into the School Loop System. These IDs will need to be updated periodically to account for new students.

To upload Google IDs, you will need to prepare a text file that contains student IDs (the one imported to School Loop from your student information system) and the Google email address.

Your file must contain a header row and the IDs for all students in your district. Here is an example of the proper comma separated file format:

School_Loop_ID, Google_Email_Address

Save the file with .txt extension and follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your School Site List for your district and select Upload Google IDs.


2.  On the next screen, use the Browse... button to provide the text file that you want to upload, and then click Submit. You can always use the Download link right underneath to download the last Google IDs file used.


3. After clicking the Submit button, you should get the following confirmation message.