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Step 3: Publishing Assignments on School Loop and Google Classroom

Google Classroom Integration: Step 3

After the Google Classroom linking has been completed, you will see a new option under the Publish to section: Linked Google Courses. This setting is selected by default, but it can be changed if you want to publish an assignment on School Loop only, otherwise, any new assignment created on School Loop will be automatically added on the linked Google Classroom. 


1. Publish your assignment as you would normally in School Loop


Note. Only published assignments will be added to Google Classroom, drafts can be saved on your School Loop classroom as usual.


2. Well, there really is no step 2. Your assignment is now published in Google Classroom.

It should look similar to this example:



For any question regarding Google Classroom management, please visit the following Google Classroom pages:

Adding Assignments on School Loop and Google Classroom