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Step 2: Linking your School Loop and Google Classroom Classes

Google Classroom Integration: Step 2

1. Link your School Loop classes to your Google Classrooms

For each of your School Loop classes (on the left) you may use the drop-down menu on the right to:

  • Not Linked (Do not link to any Google Classroom)
  • Create Google Course
  • Link to an existing Google Classroom previously created


2. Select Syncing Options

Auto Import Assignments to School Loop from Google Classroom:

  • School Loop will import assignments created in Google Classroom where the due date is on or after the date when you established linking.
  • Assignments with no due date will not be imported
  • You must select the default category for all imported assignments

Populate Google Classroom with your School Loop rosters:

  • School Loop will invite students to your linked Google Classrooms
  • Students dropped in School Loop will not be dropped in Google Classroom

3. Go to Google Classroom and "Accept" any classes you created in Step 1


Continue with step 3: Publishing Assignments on School Loop and Google Classroom

Setup for Google Classroom Integration