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Google Classroom Integration

What is new about School Loop's Google Classroom integration?

Please have your district contact School Loop about enabling this feature


We're providing an easier and more efficient way to connect School Loop with Google Classroom. With this upgrade we're offering three important improvements:

  1. Automatic push of assignments from School Loop to Google Classroom and vice-versa.
  2. Syncing of your rosters in School Loop and Google Classroom by auto-inviting students.
  3. Creation of classes in Google Classroom to match your School Loop classes.

While our current integration allows teachers to connect their Google Classroom account to their School Loop account and publish assignments created in School Loop to Google Classroom, the process was admittedly clunky. With the new integration, these tasks are virtually seamless. We're also offering new syncing options that will help teachers who use both applications to keep their classrooms connected, in sync, and playing nice with each other. 


Follow these steps to get started with the new Google Classroom Integration:

  1. Linking your School Loop and Google Classroom Accounts
  2. Linking your School Loop and Google Classroom Classes
  3. Publishing Assignments on School Loop and Google Classroom

Importing Scores from Google Classroom

We're still working on a way to import scores directly from Google Classroom, In the meantime, teachers can imports scores by first downloading scores from Google Classroom to a text file. That file can then be used to import those scores into School Loop. For instructions, see our help page on importing scores using a CSV file.