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Grading Assignment Discussions

All assignments automatically include a discussion among the teacher and all the students assigned the work. This enables students to seek clarification on assignments and to provide help for their classmates. Teachers can also use the discussions as a way for students to submit the assignment for grading. 

Grading Discussions

1. Open your gradebook and click on an assignment to see the Assignment Scoresheet.

2. Click Open Post in the Submissions column to view the post for any student.

3/ Click Close Post when finished viewing the post.

3. Enter a grade and optionally a comment for the student.

4. Click Save & Exit when done.

Student view of Assignment Discussions

Students can use the Post Discussion/Blog button in the assignment details to post discussions.


Teacher's View of Assignment Discussions

Assignment discussions appear on the teacher's portal in a section named "Student Discussions".

Click the assignment name to see all discussion posts.


Teachers can also view all discussion posts related to an assignment on the Assignment Scoresheet using the View Discussion link.