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Intranet Overview

An intranet is an internal website or work space for employees.  It is a private, secure area that enables district employees to communicate, collaborate, share documents and other information, and access productivity tools.


School Loop provides two methods for creating a district level intranet as illustrated below:

Private Sections District-Wide Groups

A private section allows a district to create a private mini-site with pages that require district staff to login to access content. To create an intranet using private sections:                                                                                                    


1. Create a private section.

2. Add pages.

3. Integrate with directory services to give all staff at your district the ability to login to the private sections.

A district-wide group provides a repository for documents, links, and other resources. You can also create internal news and events for district staff. To create a district-wide, intranet group:


1. Create a district-wide group.

2. Add members or district employees can join the group.

3. Add content to the group locker, news, and calendar.






Q: Why do we need Directory Services integration for a District wide Intranet?

A: Directory Services integration allows you to provide logins for all users in your district to your district site without having to create accounts manually. School users typically only have accounts at their school site, not on the district site.

Q: Can I create a school level intranet?

A: Yes. Private sections can be used on school sites, but be aware that all users with logins including parents and students will be able to login to private sections. Consider using Groups instead if you want to restrict access to particular users or roles.