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Embed PDF's on page

School Loop's Custom HTML element can be use to embed documents like PDF's on your website.  You would use this if you wanted your visitors to be able to view documents without having to click on a link.


1. Upload your PDF file to one of your resource lockers - we suggest you create a separate folder just for your PDF files.

2. Right click on the link for the file in the locker and choose the copy option - depending on your browser this option might be "Copy link address", "Copy link location", or even "Copy shortcut". Save this link for the next step.


3. Paste the code sample listed below into a Custom HTML Element and replace PDF_LINK_ADDRESS with the link copied in the step above.

Note: The Custom HTML Element is only available to Webmasters.


<embed src="PDF_LINK_ADDRESS" width="700" height="800">