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Intranet / Private Sections

Private sections allow you to restrict content to users with a login for your site. Site visitors without a School Loop login will not be able to view the content of any page within a private section.

1. In the Webmaster Center, go to any page in a section you want to make private.


2. Click the Activity button on the top right side of the page.

3. Click the Change button to make the section private.


Q: Is it possible to restrict logins to just select users such as staff or the students of a particular teacher?

A: No. Access is open to all users of your site with a School Loop account. For more control over access, consider using School Loop Groups.


Q: Can teachers create private sections?

A: Yes. Any section or mini-site can be made private by the same process listed on this page.


Q: Why don't my sub-sections within private sections require login?

A:  Sections within private sections are not private by default. You must make all sub-sections private if you want those sub-sections to require login.