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Term Transition FAQ

Q: Can I continue to work on my gradebooks and submit grades for a previous term after a new term has begun?

A: Yes. Even though your students may have dropped, you can still access your previous term gradebooks and enter grades. Go to Add/Edit Gradebooks to see a list of all gradebooks. If you have an open grading window for the previous term, you can submit grades from your previous term gradebooks.


Q: Are new gradebooks automatically created for the new term?

A: No. School Loop provides teachers with one year long gradebook for each course. Teachers can edit the existing gradebook and create new gradebooks to match the terms. This is done from  Add/Edit Gradebooks in the Gradebooks pull-down menu.


Q: Why are progress reports from last semester still showing for students and parents?

A: Progress reports from your previous gradebook will continue to display until you publish grades in at least one assignment in your new gradebook. It is best not to unpublish previous gradebooks because only published progress reports are archived from year to year.


Q: Some of my sections for the new term ended up in the wrong course - What do I do?

A: If you haven't entered any assignments in the new course yet, you can move and merge the sections into the correct course yourself. If you have entered an assignment, then you won't be able to move and merge on your own. In that case, ask a Sys Admin, or contact School Loop Support and let us know exactly what sections you want us to move and we'll get it done for you right away.


Q: How can we prevent schedule changes in the student information system for the next term from showing up in School Loop too soon?

A: District Admin can block imports while schedule changes are being made,  or contact School Loop Support and we will block/unblock imports for you. Just be sure that imports are unblocked the day before the first day of your new term, to ensure the new schedules get imported.