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Mastery-Based Grading

The School Loop gradebook is optimized to support traditional points-based or percentage-based grading. However, based on the ways some of our teachers are using our system to approximate a mastery-based or standards-based grading system, we offer the following. 



Begin by clicking the Settings link on your portal homepage (the gear icon) and then select the gradebook that you want to set up.  From there you will set up categories, weighting, grading scale, custom codes, and progress report style.

Publish Assignments and Grades

Make all of your assignments worth 4 points and assign each to the appropriate Standard category. 

Score your assignments using 1 through 4 as you would with a 4 point rubric with 1 being lowest and 4 being highest. Alternatively, you could use custom codes. See the section at the bottom of this page for more details.

Here is an example of what the resulting progress report will look like once you have published your grades.  


Assignments can be sorted by Standard by clicking the "Assessment" label at the top of the first column. 

Your custom message appears under NOTES/COMMENTS.  This message can be an explanation of how to read the progress report. 

Alternative Use of Custom Codes

Even though School Loop's gradebook can only function a points based system, you can further approximate a standards-based system by using custom codes to represent the point value of the grades you award for assignments. Assuming that you will be using a 5 point system, the following custom codes will allow you to award standards-based "grades". Set the value for each code to a percentage of 5 points possible as desired.


While the system is still calculating grades based on points, you can now enter scores such as Adv or Bas rather than 5 or 4. A legend for your custom codes will be included on the progress reports for students and parents.

Gradebook Setup


Add your Standards categories and delete any unused categories. The "Assignment" category cannot be deleted, but it can be ignored.



Turn weighting on if isn't already and then assign equal weights for each Standard.  The total must equal 100.


Grade Scale

Create a new grade scale using the name "Proficiency Levels" (or other appropriate name) and insert Grades (levels) called:  "Advanced, Proficient, Basic, Below Basic and Far Below Basic”. Assign a percentage to each of the levels and delete all of the other grades levels from the scale. Your lowest proficiency level must have a floor percentage value of zero. Be sure to set the "Proficiency Levels" grade scale as the default scale for your gradebook.


Custom Progress Report Message

A Custom Progress Report message will allow you to provide an explanation to parents about how to read the progress report.


Mastery-Based Progress Report

1. Click the Go button under Mastery or Traditional Progress Reports.


2. Choose one of the 3 styles of progress reports.