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Traditional Progress Report

Traditionally, the grades are A, B, C, D and F. Numeric to letter grade conversions can be customized using the grade scale per course and even per student.


Points-Based versus Percentage-Based Grading Systems


  • Points-Based

In a points-based system, each assignment, quiz, etc., is given a point value. The final grade is determined by adding up all the points earned and comparing it to a grading standard.


  • Percentage-Based

A percentage-based system groups all assignments, quizzes, etc., into "categories" and assigns a percentage or weight to each category. The sum of all the categories will be 100%.


While each assignment may be assigned a point value, the final grade is based on the percentage or weight or the categories. For instance, even if the total number of points possible for quizzes equals 300 and the total number of points possible for homework is 100, the homework may still count more towards the final grade, if it counts for a greater percentage of the final grade.

Traditional Progress Report Sample

This is our default progress report and it includes, well, everything.


The traditional progress report includes: 

(1) Current Summary Grade - Based on published grades

(2) Percentage Score -  Current percent score as affected by weighting (if applicable)

(3) Last Published - Date and time that scores were last published

(4) Assignment Category - Category for the assigned work

(5) Assignment Title - Title of the assigned work

(6) Score - Points earned on assigned work

(7) Grade Trend - Displays data from the first published grade to the most recent

(8) Score Per Category - Displays current categories in use, percent score per category, and weighted percent of a category if weighting is applied.

(9) Grade Scale - Applied grading scale for the course and/or student

(10) Grade Legend - Displays custom codes