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Curriculum Groups: Adding and Copying Attachments

Sharing and managing instructional materials is simple in School Loop. You can easily attach, organize and save resources in curriculum groups to any unit, lesson, or assignment.

Adding Multiple Attachments


1. Select one or more files from your device.

2. Drag the files to the attachments area.

3. Click Publish.


To remove an attachment:

1. Click the trash can icon next to the file you wish to remove trash_can_icon.png.

Reordering Attachments

1. Hover to the left side of the file name, until the move icon appears Cross_hair_icon.png

2. Drag and drop the file to the desired location.


3. Click the disk icon or Publish to save changes.

Copying Attachments to the Group Locker

1. Click the Select Folder button to copy assignments to the group locker when you publish.


2. Select an existing locker or create a new folder by entering the new folder name and clicking Submit.



3. Click Publish and attachments will be copied to the folder.


4. (Optional) Click on the Locker tab, click on the selected or newly created folder and verify attachments have been copied.


To replace or update attachment(s):


1. In the attachments area, click the trash can icon next to the file(s) you wish to replace or update trash_can_icon.png. Next, delete the same file(s) from the group locker

2. Drag or upload the updated file(s) to the attachments area and click Publish.

3. (Optional) Click on the Locker tab, verify the updated attachment(s) have been copied by looking at the date and time stamp.


Hint: If you want to save attachments to another folder, simply click the "x" to remove the current folder and follow the steps to choose or create a new folder.