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Publishing Aides

Let students do some of the work for you by publishing your assignments, lessons and units using Curriculum Groups. It saves you time and can be a great learning experience for your students.



1. Create a Curriculum group and add your teacher aides or publishing aides to the group.

2. The student helper can publish assignments, lessons and units to the group and add files to the group locker. Once content is published, it is available to all of your courses.

3. Go to the Classroom > Curriculum tab for one of your courses. 

4. From the Add Content menu, select Import from [name of your curriculum group].

5. Check the content you wish to import and click the Import button.

6. Edit and publish the content to have assignments added to your gradebook and to have assignments, lessons, and units display for students and parents to see.




1. Use the Instructional Plan in Units and Lessons to give your students instructions for posting content.

2. Use the discussions built into the curriculum to collaborate with your students as they create content.