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You will find the links to download or print your rosters by clicking the Roster Tools link the Course Management area and on the Home tab of the course Classroom.


You can also find links under the Tools tab of a course Gradebook.


Roster Printout

The Roster Printout is available in 10 and 20 columns. You can sort in alphabetical or gradebook order.

Roster Print Column 0715.png

Download Rosters

You can download your rosters in Text or Excel format. Both give you columns for First Name, Last Name, ID numbers, Grade, and email address (if available in the student’s School Loop account).

Roster Excel.pngIf you want to print a roster with numbers added to students, you can do this easily in Excel. Here are the steps:

1. From the Roster Manager, download your roster using the Download (Excel) link.

2. In Excel, Right-click on the first column and choose Insert. This inserts a new column to left of the First Name column.

3. Type 1 in the empty cell next to the first student's name.

4. Type 2 in the empty cell next to the second student's name.

5. Select the two cells, then hover over the bottom right corner of the selected cells until the cursor changes to a +.

6. Drag with the left mouse button down the column until you get to the last student row.

7. Release the mouse and you now have numbering for your students ready for printing.