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Website Images

Well chosen images are important on a website because they encourage engagement and provide visual meaning to with what is said in the text.

Choosing Your Images

For the best results, follow these guidelines when uploading images to your website: 

Image Types


Best for digital photographs


Best for simple images such as logos or icons


Image Size

Generally speaking, you should use images that are at least as wide as the column where the image will appear. The narrowest columns in our templates are approximately 225 pixels wide and the full width slideshows on the homepage are about 1,000 pixels wide.

Homepage Slideshow Images

The images in these slideshows will make or break the look of your site.  Use high quality images that are at least 1,000 pixels wide.

All images used in a given slideshow should have the same orientation. Images with landscape orientation tend to make for better looking slideshows.

Limit the number of slideshows on a page to two and limit the number of images in a slideshow to 7 or 8. Too many slideshows and images make for very distracting page and can result in long page download times.