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Google Translate

All School Loop sites include Google Translate in the footer so visitors can translate your website into any of 100+ available languages.


But say you would rather include the translate pull-down menu in a more prominent position on your homepage. This can easily be done with the Custom HTML element.

1. On your homepage, click one of the green Plus Sign icons to add a new element.

2. Choose the Custom HTML element.

3. Paste the following code into the Custom HTML text box:  

<div id="google_translate_element"> </div>

4. Click Save & Exit

5. Publish your page. 


Q: Why am I seeing two pull-down menus instead of one?

A: This will happen if you add the full embed code including the script. The script is not needed. All you need is the code listed above, since the script is already in our source code.

Q: Why am I not seeing Google Translate anywhere on my page?

A: Logged in users do not see it - even in Live view. Log out and you should see it.