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Group Creation

Creating Groups

Any teacher or staff member in the school can create a group following the steps below.

Group types include Curriculum and Standard. Curriculum groups have specials tools for the creation and publication of curricular content. All other uses of groups should use the standard type.

1. Click the Group menu at the top of any page and select the option to "Join/Create Groups"


2. Click the Create Group button


3. Enter a name and a description


4. Choose Options: District-wide membership and/or Private

This option cannot be changed after the group has been created.


5. Choose Group Type: Standard or Curriculum

This option may be changed after the group has been created. 


6. Click the Create button


Delete a Group

Administrators and the group admins are the only persons who can delete a group. The Delete option will appear in the group Toolbox for those individuals. deletegroup.png