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Co-Teacher's Portal

Co-teacher have access to all course tools such as the class sites, curriculum tools, student trackers, seating charts, course lockers, calendars, and, of course, the gradebook. Additionally, Co-teachers are included as part of the Learning Management Team for all shared students and parents.

Shared courses are integrated into the co-teacher's portal, but this differs for Teachers and Staff users.

Teacher as Co-Teacher

Teachers with a shared course in the same way they access their own courses. Because the shared course behaves exactly the same as all other courses, so we won't go into any further detail here.


Staff as Co-Teacher

Staff members who are co-teachers gain a Course Management area in their portals where they can find links for all the course tools, and gradebook. See below for more details about staff accounts.


Here's a more in depth look at the portal of a staff users named as the co-teacher for 3 courses.



Course Management - This area of the portal displays all your courses for the current school year. When courses are not active (i.e. no students are currently enrolled), they are not visible on the portal. 


Course Name - Click on a course name to go the Course Tools for that subject. 


Class Sites -  The place where teachers can share instructional resources with students. In a teacher's portal, the Class Sites allow teachers to see exactly how their course materials will appear to students in their portals. more...


Add Assignment - For each assignment, you must assign the work to a single course by period, set the assign and due dates, and give it a title. There are several optional settings such as attaching files or links (these will be available for both parents and students to download), choosing a category (essential if you use weighting), and set the point value (for assignments that will appear in the gradebook). more...


Course Tools -  The hub for the subjects you teach and are divided into five sections: Curriculum, Student Performance, Class Tools and Bulletin Board, Locker, & Calendar.


Student Tracker - Customizable groups of students that allow administrators and teacher to focus on their needs. You are automatically given a course tracker for each course you teach. more...


Current Assignments - Displays current assignments for the week for all of your courses. You can also easily edit, copy, or delete assignments here.