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Embed Pictures

All users have the ability to add images to the content they publish, which means images can be added to assignments, curriculum, news, notes, events, LoopMail, and Group projects and discussions, as well as web pages for teacher sites and school or district websites. Images may be uploaded on the spot or pulled from images previously uploaded to lockers and image albums.

Everywhere you find our rich text editor (aka that thing with all the formatting buttons), you'll find the Add Image button as pictured below.

Insert an Image

1. Click the Image button on the toolbar of the rich text editor.

discussion rte.png

2. Choose the location of the image you wish to insert.

  • Upload - choose an image from your hard drive or simply drag and drop.
  • Locker - All your lockers with images are listed.
  • Albums - Only those who have worked on their own personal site or the school or district websites are likely to have albums.

3. Modify Image settings as desired.

Large images will never appear wider than the the space allotted for the content.


4. Click the "Select" button when ready.

Edit Images After Inserting

1. Edit your published content so that the toolbar of the rich text editor is displayed.

2. Double click the image you wish to edit.


Q: What image file formats can I use?

A: We support JPG, PNG, and GIF image file formats.


Q: Are the images I upload stored so that I can use them again?

A: Absolutely yes! All images uploaded using the rich text editor are stored in your personal locker in a folder called "Pictures".


Q: Can I upload more than one image at a time?

A: No, you can only upload one image at a time using the Image button. However, you may upload multiple images directly to your lockers either by dragging and dropping or uploading a zipped file of images. Both options are quite easy using our new locker system!