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Mass Copy Assignments

Teachers  can create and publish a copy of an assignment to multiple courses that they are teaching.

When you arrive on the Mass Copy Assignment form, simply answer the four Ws below:

  1. Who is the assignment for?

  2. When is the assignment start date and end date?

  3. What is the assignment about?

  4. Where do you want to publish the assignment?

Can I Use This Feature?

You can use this feature if you meet the following two criteria:

Yes!  I am a Teacher.

Yes!  I have more than one active course on my portal.

Getting There

  • Portal Homepage > Add Assignment > All (Mass Copy)


 Alternate Routes

  • My Calendar > Add Assignment > All (Mass Copy)
  • Course Archives > Assignments > Copy > All (Mass Copy)



1. Who: Select the Audience to which are you are assigning work.  You can choose entire courses or specific periods.

2. When: Select an Assign Date and Due Date for the assignment.  You can choose assign dates in the future, to plan your lessons in advance.

3. What: Provide a Title for the assignment. You can also include additional information like the amount of time needed to complete the assignment, detailed instructions to the students about the assignment.

4. Where: Choose the location for the mass copied assignment (Calendars, Calendars and Gradebooks, or Gradebooks only). There are additional publishing options which allow you to select assignment categories, repeating due dates, maximum points, and scaled points.
5. Click the Publish Button to make separate copies of the assignments to each course selected.







Q: If I edit my copied assignment, will this affect all copies of the assignment in every course?

A: No, any changes made to a copied assignment will only change copies within the active course. For example, if I mass copied an assignment called "Binder Check" to both my Biology, Chemistry and Physics class and I needed to edit the assignment due date for my Biology course, then I would go into my Biology gradebook to edit the copied assignment and any change would only affect my Biology classes.


Q: How do I pin additional content in the Mass Copy Assignment Form?

A: The Mass Copy assignment form is distinct from the Assignment form. To pin additional content to a copied assignment, click the Edit link for the copied assignment under a selected course, which will take you to the Assignment form, where you can start pinning till your heart's content. 


Q: Why don't I have the Mass Copy Assignment tool in my gradebook?

A: Because a gradebook is tied to a course, any content created automatically publishes just to that course. So to publish to multiple courses, you must be outside of a course gradebook like on your Portal homepage or in your Course Archives.


Q: Is there a better way if I use Mass Copy Assignments on a daily basis for all of my assignments?

A: Yes, probably. It sounds like you may benefit from merging classes. Please contact a member from our support team by clicking the red question mark at the top right of any page in your portal and submitting a help ticket, so we can assist you.

Need More Support?

Get personalized help from our support team by using the red question mark link at the top right of every page in your portal and then click the personal help link. Submitting a ticket in this fashion automatically includes information about your account, which allows us to better help you. Of course, you are always free to email for help at