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Zipped Files

When you need to upload a lot of files to a locker, there are two ways to go: upload a zipped archive of files as described below or use the My Locker icon located at the top of every page in your your ports. The My Locker option allows you to easily manage all of your lockers from a single location. You may use drag and drop to upload many files at once and you can rearrange the contents by copying or moving files between folders and lockers. Visit our Lockers page for more information. 

Using Zipped Files

For those that don't know how to create zipped archives of files, directions for both PC and Macs are listed below.

When using My Locker, you may simply drag and drop your zipped file onto the page. The system will then prompt you to choose to upload the file as a zipped archive or to unzip the file on upload.

zipped folder.pngTo upload a zipped file to any locker using the Save Resources menu, choose the "Zipped Folder" option. When prompted, choose the zipped file from your hard drive containing the files you wish to upload. The School Loop system will unzip the files and restore the folder structure. How your files end up in your locker depends on how you zipped your files and whether or not you used the optional Name field when uploading (see image below).

upload zipped folder.png

If you fill in the optional "Name" field, a folder with that name will be created in your resource locker and the contents of the zipped file will appear inside that folder.

A couple of examples here will help to illustrate how to make the best use of the zipped folder options.



In this first example, 3 loose images are compressed in If you upload this file using the Zipped folder option, the three images will be added to the locker as if you had uploaded them one at a time.




In this second example, a folder called "Lessons" contains two additional folders, each containing 2 PDFs each. All of these folders and files are zipped into Uploading this zipped file will create the same structure of files in folders in your locker.


Note: The instructions on this page apply to all lockers in the School Loop system - personal, course, group and website lockers.

Creating Zipped Files

The process of creating zipped files is pretty much the same on both Macs and PCs.


  1. In Windows Explorer, highlight the files you want to zip together
  2. Right click on one of the selected files and choose the option Send to >  Compressed (zipped) Folder


  1. In Finder, highlight the files you want to zip together
  2. Right click on one of the selected files and choose the option Compress n Items (where n is the number of selected files)