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All course units, lessons, assignments and events are displayed on the calendar.

calendar.pngAdd new units, lessons, assignments or events using the Add Content button at the top.

You can also click in any cell to quick-add one of these items to a particular date.

The Today button will scroll the calendar back to focusing on today's events.

Filter your view of the calendar using the Show Me menu.

Divide your class view by individual periods with the Periods menu.

Click on an existing item's title to view or edit its details.

Scroll the calendar up or down to view previous or upcoming months.

Colored dots next to each assignment, test or quiz indicate its status. View the Calendar Legend for an explanation.


Adding Classroom Events

Teachers and Co-Teachers can publish events to a classroom or selected periods via the calendar tab.

1. Click Add Content > Add Class Event.

2. Select a Date for the event and provide an Event Title, then click Publish.  

(Optional) You can also add a start time, end time, event contact, location, additional details, attachments, and links.


Quick-Add a Classroom Event

1. Hover over the date of the event and click the "+" sign and click Add Class Event.


2. Enter an Title, then click Publish. By default, all periods for the course will be included in the audience.

(Optional) You can also add a start time, end time, and event location.