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The Classroom has two main components: Weekly Calendar and the Bulletin Board. All of the content of these two boards is set by the teacher of the course. 


Note: Only teachers will see the [Edit] links at the top right of each board.

Weekly Calendar

The Weekly Calendar summarizes all content that is relevant for the current week (similar to Current Assignments on the Portal homepage for students and teachers). The content is automatically updated based on assigned and due dates published by the teacher.

If you publish units and lessons, the titles will appear as dropdown bar, which students can click to show the content inside. You can click Assignments to see the details there. Remember, you cannot edit content while in the Classroom. To make changes to content, click Edit.

Note: If you only publish assignments, that's fine! The Weekly Calendar will be identical to the Current Assignments list.

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is an online version of the physical bulletin board in your classroom. It's a place where you can post class-related information for your students and their parents. It's a great visual tool to present key information to your students. You can add as much content as you want included pictures and links. You can even embed videos. It shows up on the landing page of your digital classroom.

You cannot edit content directly from the Classroom. To make changes to the board, click the Edit link at the top of the board.

Classroom News

You can add-time sensitive news to your Bulletin Board. The news will appear as of the Publish date, and will automatically drop off the bulletin board on the Expire date. You can also choose to add files and links to your news.