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iPad App for Teachers

With School Loop's app for the iPad, teachers can view any work submitted by their students. Additionally, teachers can save files created using iPad apps to their School Loop locker.The app is designed to work in an environment where iPads are shared but can be configured for use by individuals who own an iPad.

Download the App

Available for download in the Apple App Store.


login.pngLogging In

When you first launch the app, you must select your school. Start by tapping where you see “Choose Your School”. Now find your district and then your school. Once you've selected your school, the app will remember your choice.

If your school is not part of a school district (typically private schools or charter schools that have signed up independent of a school district), search for “Charter District” and select the one with your time zone in parentheses, for example: Charter District (Pacific).

Use your School Loop login name and password to log into the app.

For Teachers

Use the Navicon (3 flat bars located at the upper left corner of the screen) to open the slide out menu. Options for teachers include:

  • Turned in Work (default view): A list of assignments with submitted work.
  • Lockers: Use iPad apps to view items in course or personal lockers. Save work from the iPad to My Locker.
  • Web Site: Links to the login page of the full School Loop website portal using an iPad browser.
  • Logout: Always logout when using shared iPads.
  • Password Lock: Tap your name at the bottom of the slide out navigation menu to access this setting. Enabling this feature requires the user to enter their password after 5 minutes of inactivity.

View Submitted Work

The default view for teachers is a sortable list of assignments containing submissions from students. Tap any row to view a list of all submissions for that assignment and then tap the title of any submission to open in an iPad app.



locker.pngAll lockers available to a teacher are displayed in this view. Navigate your locker contents by tapping on folders or the breadcrumb links near the top of the screen. Tapping an individual file will highlight the View and Open in Application buttons. Both options require an app that supports the type of file selected. The app does not support file management.

Save Work

Teacher can save work created on the iPad. This process varies from app to app, but generally involves the options to "Share" within the app (like Pages) and then choosing the School Loop iPad app. Doing so will save a copy in the root level of My Locker.

Example of saving work to your School Loop locker