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Getting There

mylocker.pngClick the My Locker icon at the top of any page in your portal.

Manage Locker Resources

In the new locker system, all your lockers are accessible from a single location using the My Locker icon located at the top of your portal. Included are your lockers from Groups, Courses, and sections of the school website if you happen to be a webmaster, editor, or contributor.

While students can see course lockers, permissions only allow them to copy or download files from those lockers, giving teachers a safe and easy way to share resources.


Lockers and Folders

The left side of the page displays all your lockers organized into sets such as Course and Group Lockers. A small triangle next to a set or locker name indicates that there are folders within. Click the locker name to expand or collapse the tree view of your locker contents.

Locker Contents

The contents of the locker or folder highlighted on the left are displayed on the right in tabular fashion. Each column is sortable. Click the column title to sort in descending order; click again to sort in ascending order. Use the Search box to locate resources located in any of your lockers. If your locker contains many resources, use the pagination buttons located at the bottom right.



The Add menu allows you to upload files, share links and to create folders. When you use the checkboxes located next to each resource name, the icons for Download, Copy, Move, Rename, and Delete may be used. Although you may only rename one file at time, the other functions may all be performed on multiple files.Additionally, all functions are available for individual resources by right clicking on the resource name.

When you upload zipped files, you have the option of unzipping on upload, which replicates the file structure within the zipped file, or uploading as a zipped archive.

Some of these operations require that you have the proper rights. For example, students may view course lockers, but cannot delete, rename, or add resources. In such cases, the appropriate tool icons will remain grayed out.

Drag and Drop

You may upload files to a locker by dragging one or more files from your desktop and dropping them anywhere on the page. To make copies of existing resources, first check the box next to the desired resources and then drag the checked resources to any other locker or folder on the page.



My Locker (1:57)


Q. Why am I not able to upload a file? 

A. Check to make sure the file name does not contain any illegal characters. The most common one we've seen used is the ampersand (&). Here's a complete list of illegal characters: % ^ & + { } | \ <