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Tips & Tricks: Uploading Files over 500MB

Using Dropbox for Larger Files

School Loop can accept as many files as you need to store, though there is a 500 MB limit on the size of individual files. If you have a particular file that cannot be split or compressed below that size, then there are a number of free file storage options available to you. One example we'll look at here is Dropbox, which starts with 2 GB of free space.

Here is how you can make an account and easily make your large files accessible to your students and group members in School Loop:

1. Go to and create a free account.

2. Once you have an account, the main page includes a Public folder. That's the one you can use to share files with others. Click on the Public folder and it should look like this:

public folder.png

3. Find the file on your computer, either in a folder or on the desktop, and then drag it into the main area in the center of the page for files:


When you release the mouse, the upload to Dropbox will start. You will see a progress bar at the bottom of the screen, like this:


4. Once the file finishes uploading, you'll see it in the center of the page. You can click on it once to see the file details. In this example, my file is is almost 128 MB. Notice the Copy public link option:


5. Click that link to get a direct URL to the file. On the next dialog box, just click Copy to clipboard.

Now you have the Dropbox URL in the computer's clipboard. Simply go to a School Loop locker and create a link using that URL, and your users will have access. As a teacher, you can go to your course locker, hover the mouse over Add menu, and click Link, just like this:


Then just paste the URL in the link field and click Submit. You're done! Users can now see and click on the file in the locker to download it.


School Loop does not endorse or sponsor Dropbox or other file storage sites and we provide no guarantees about the quality or functionality of these services. We are merely relaying suggestions made by other users who found these sites to be helpful.