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Upgrading Old Slideshows

School Loop has a new and far superior Slideshow Element. Although your old slideshows will continue to work, we no longer support the software running those elements, so we highly recommend that you convert old slideshows over to the new system. With that said, have you seen the new Slideshow Element? It's so awesome that most webmasters will want to rebuild all their old slideshows right away.

Recommendations for Upgrading Slideshows

Under the hood, the new slideshows are radically different from the old, so there is no automated conversion process. And even though the two should not be used on the same page, we recommend that you keep the old slideshow on the page to make sure you've added all the same images and in the proper order. You should delete your old slideshow only when you're satisfied that your new slideshow is ready to be published. In this fashion, your published pages won't contain old and new slides shows at the same time.