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Embed Videos

Videos hosted on a third party sites such as Khan Academy may be embedded using our rich text editor, which means videos can be added to assignments, news, notes, events, and group projects and discussions, as well as web pages for teacher sites and school or district websites. Webmaster can still use the Custom HTML Element to embed videos but will find that rich text editor is the better tool for the job.

Insert a video

1. Click the "Embed Video" button on the toolbar of the rich text editor.




2. Paste the URL (address) of the video you wish to embed.


3. Click the "OK" button.


Q: What streaming video sites are supported?

A: The technology behind our embed video feature currently supports more than 110 video providers. The extensive list includes:

Khan Academy
National Geographic


Discovery Channel
The White House





Q: Where do I find the address for the video that I meed to paste into the editor?

A: On sites like Khan Academy or YouTube, click the video as if you were going to watch it and then copy the address from your browser's address bar. On other sites like Vimeo, there's a Share icon near the top right corner of the video - click that icon to get the address needed to embed the video in School Loop.

Q: Why is my embedded video not showing or playing?

A: It could be that the hosting site is not one of the supported video providers or your district may have blocked that site. For example, many districts block YouTube. Some sites also do not support embedding. Instead, users can click on the video link you embed and they will be taken to the outside site to watch the video.

Q: Why is my embedded video showing an image with a link to the video?

A: This happens when the video is not fully supported by the software we use to embed the videos.