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Broadcast Messages

BroadcastMsgToolbox.jpgDistrict administrators can send broadcast messages via email (not LoopMail) to all registered users or just parents of selected schools in the district. Messages are delivered immediately to the inbox of the email address listed for each user's School Loop account. Since the messages are sent with a generic "from" address, recipients cannot reply to the sender.

District admins can access this tool via a new link in the Toolbox located at the top of the right column in their user portals.

Create A New Message

1. Click the Broadcast Messages link in your Toolbox

2. Click the New Message button.

3. Select from the audience from the list on the left that includes the district office and all schools. Check the Parents Only option if you wish to send a broadcast message to just the parents of the checked schools.

The body of your message may contain links, images and files. And like news, you may choose to style the text of your message using our rich text editor. Please note that images and files included in your message must first be uploaded to a locker or image album available to your user account.


Review Sent Messages

1. Clicking the link for Broadcast Messages in your Toolbox reveals a list of messages previously sent.

2. You may click any message title to view the details of that message.


The message details page shows your message as it will appear for recipients. The page also includes a live status update of how many message have been sent and which schools are complete.


Sample Message

Here’s an example of how your broadcast will message appear in the inbox of recipients.


Auto-Recovery and Timeout Protection

If you are composing a Broadcast Message and leave the page, or get timed out, when you return to the message, then you will be returned to where you left off. Additionally, we've built-in a timeout protection system, that will save your work and prompt you to log back into School Loop if you start typing in a Broadcast Message form after you have timed out.

Simply click the Login button, to continue writing your message.


If for some reason a blank msg. was recovered, simply click the Cancel button to return to your list of sent Broadcast Messages.