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Quicklinks.pngThe use of Quicklinks is a popular website design choice and is a great way to provide quick and easy access to important information. It is simple to create Quicklinks using the Rich Text Editor. Here are the steps:

1. On your homepage in edit mode, add a Rich Text Editor element.

2. Add "Quicklinks" in the Title field.

3. Type the text for each link - one line per link

4. Highlight the text for the first link and click the Links icon in the Toolbar. The pop-up window allows you to link to other pages on the site, a URL of your choosing, any item in any of your lockers, or any staff member’s personal page. You can also create mailto links using this tool.

5. Repeat for each of your links.

6. From the Optional Styles menu, choose one of the Quicklinks styles.

7. Click Save & Exit.


Note: The overall look of your Quicklinks will be determined by your template and color choices.